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Global Meaning™

Global Meaning is a program built for marketing and customer relationship study. It is a powerful tool of Big Data analysis using the most advanced technologies of machine intelligence. It gives you a better understanding of your customers in order to fully meet their needs.


Analyse the discussions between your co-workers and your customers to identify recurrent subjects, such as those related to satisfaction and churn.



Detect your potential customers loss by determining a predictive churn score and identify the causes.


Maximise the system efficiency through a datasets shaping and analysis grids, customisable and updatable over time with new features.


Take advantage of these learnings to realise a new and more realistic segmentation of your customer base.

Global Meaning works with semantic analyses technologies on textual data. Used on a large scale of customer reports and exchanged messages, these technologies highlight the subjects regularly approached. These analyses work despite the differences of terms and turn of phrases, as they are based on both the words meaning and context in which they are used.

These results, crossed with user profiles, bring you a better knowledge of your customers and allow you to better meet their expectations.

These technologies also involve the use of deep learning and other machine learning algorithms.

They allow machine learning from historical datasets and data analysed over time. These learnings strengthen system reliability and bring high level of confidence for predictive churn analyses.

Global Meaning is the result of scientific and technologic research conducted by Collective Thinking.